Big Little Lies…

Hi All,

Hope you are all well, I have recently read this book, so I thought what better thing to do, than to do a review? So here we are, this book was actually better, than I thought it was going to be originally, because I had seen a lot of mixed opinions online, but nevertheless I thought I would give it a go, since it has been sat on my to be read pile for a long time.

This book kept me hooked, although I was a little unsure at the start, it did keep me guessing throughout which I love. I like books that are very unpredictable and this was which I thought was amazing as I didn’t know where the plot was going to go from one minute to the next! 

Book Cover of Big Little Lies

The three main women Madeline, Celeste and Jane all told their own individual stories of trauma really well and the superb ending that Liane Moriarty gave to them all was spectacular and totally realistic the consequences some actions can have. I love how the writer also touched on some challenging storylines and how it makes the reader realise, that even the most beautiful people can have unthinkable things happen to them.

” Jane hasn’t lived anywhere for longer than six months since her son was born five years ago. She keeps moving in an attempt to escape her past. Now the idyllic coastal town of Pirriwee has pulled her to its shores and Jane feels as if she finally belongs. She finds friends in feisty Madeline and the incredibly beautiful Celeste, two women with seemingly perfect lives- and their own secrets.

But at the start of the new term, an incident involving the children of all threes women occurs in the playground, causing a rift between them and the other parents. Minor at first but escalating fast, until the whispers and rumours become vicious and spiteful, and truths blur into lies.

It was always going to end in tears, but no one thought it would end in murder…”

Big Little Lies- Liane Moriarty

Liane has managed to write the book in such a way that each chapter includes one of the women in the book, living parallel to the other characters that are included in the book, this is exceptional because it keeps the reader guessing what is going to happen with each individual character and the different experiences each one would have on their own paths.

The writer also managed to get across some very serious topics whilst keeping the book very light hearted to read, it is worth mentioning that the topics that were covered in the book, being the effects that Domestic Violence can have on a family as a whole, not just the couple immediately involved were covered spectacularly well. Also Sexual Abuse was also covered by the writer, who did a brilliant job in covering the reality of the recovery after someone has experienced a sexual trauma of some sort.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Overall this book was written really well and was accurate to daily life of parents of children who go to school on a daily basis, but also feel like they have to keep up with the trends that the other parents are discussing in the playground, this is why this book is amazing to be read, particularly now, as it gives you a dose of what daily life should be like.

I hope that you have enjoyed this review and I should be back next week with another book review!




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