The Shelf Book Review and Fairies

Hey all,

Hope you’re all doing well? So, throughout the Lockdown here in the UK. I along with a lot of people have unsurprisingly found that they have been reading more. I’ve recently been reading The Shelf by Helly Acton. I’ve also discovered an amazing group of people online through Instagram called the Book Fairies who work worldwide to deliver happiness through the medium of books to thousands of people. More on those awesome people later.

The Shelf by Helly Acton is kind of a different spin on the well-known TV series called Love Island, where women go after their other halves put them on the ‘Shelf’ which is what the TV show is named. Women are sent to this show mostly unknowingly after something goes wrong in their relationships by their other halves, but will their partners get the comeuppance they deserve after leaving them on The Shelf?

Helly Acton is a fantastic new author, she uses her own life experiences as inspiration for her books. I think people are going to hear a lot more about Helly Acton because this book was brilliant from cover to cover! Any other book that she releases has a hard act to follow, as this book written so excellently, it’s almost as if the reader can read the book and see this play out as if the reader were to watch this on screen.

Book Fairies

Direct link to the Book Fairies

The Book Fairies are a group of people, who are situated in the United Kingdom that hide little pieces of joy in the form of books all around the UK and they are Worldwide now. The Book Fairies have been working doubly hard during the pandemic, making sure that everyone gets that all-important reading fix and escapism when they need it most. The Book Fairies operating mostly on Instagram have been conducting something which is known as the book swap, where people that have books that they no longer read, are encouraged to send those books to people who request a copy of the book that they have to offer, this is dependant on the country that the fairy is in and where they want to send their books to. If you can I wholeheartedly encourage anyone to be a part of this fantastic group who send books to deliver joy and happiness to hundreds of people. I will leave their social media links for you to check out at the bottom of this blog post as well.

I know it has been a long one this week folks, but I hope you have enjoyed reading this post as always and please don’t forget to share this to all your social media platforms as well. In the meantime though, why not leave a comment below telling me if you have received or found a book from a Book Fairy before? Also if you have read The Shelf by Helly Acton before? I look forward to reading and replying to all your comments as always.

Much Love

Jem xx

Book Fairies on social media: Instagram-  Twitter-

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