Normal People Book and TV Series Review

Hey All, hope you’re all doing well. I can assume that while we’re all locked in this weird state that most of us have been in since the beginning of March this year, that we’ve all been binge-watching some of the old shows that we used to watch, maybe with our families when we were younger. Or some newer shows like the one which I’m going to review for you today!

This show that I am about to review, took me pleasantly by surprise as I hadn’t heard much about it before, although typical me I had heard that the book was very different on the grapevine, that us readers are on. So when the TV series was released to BBC iPlayer, I didn’t know what to make of it at first and then I sat back and thought, “normally I like weird..” so I gave it a go, I am so pleased I did.

Link to the TV Series on BBC iPlayer

The TV Series and book for those of you who don’t know is set in Ireland, where there are complications as like everywhere else for Teenagers. The TV series follows two people by the names of Marianne and Connell, both of whom are at High School in Ireland and are trying to navigate their way through their troubles and past turmoil as best as they can. This leads to many twists and turns as we particularly follow Connell on this uncertain path that he stumbles along, not sure who he is or where he needs to go. He is also dead set on keeping his image with the Gaelic Football crowd that he hangs around with in school, he thinks part of keeping that image is to keep his friendship/ relationship with Marianne a secret from the ones he is close too.

Now as the troubled two head into further Education at University, the story splits initially into two very interesting different passages, one being with Connell and the other being with Marianne. For, even though they are at the same university, they have yet to reunite. Connell struggles to fit in and find where he is happiest, while Marianne is dating someone out of the Universities Debating Society. So Connell is again the one who is out on his own, following a completely separate path, carrying on his writing as best he can.

It’s after University, that the audience gets to follow the story of Marianne and try to understand what she has been going through throughout her life as her family is a lot different to the other families within the little village that she and Connell are from. No one quite knows why she gets treated the way that she does throughout the TV Drama Series. Her story takes different twists and turns throughout this section of the drama and some points take particular analysis by the viewer to try and work out what is happening next.

Link to the Normal People book by Sally Rooney on Amazon

Now because of how instantly I became addicted to watching the TV series, I was immediately wanting to read the book that the TV Drama Series was based upon. Opening the book for the first time I noticed something very striking and unusual about the book, that, of course, has a lot of dialogue written within it, which was the lack of speech punctuation to be able to decipher who is talking at any given time. Furthermore to this, the book is a testament to how the TV Drama Series turned out because the book is told completely in the third person, which explains quite heavily the layout of the TV Series.

My overall view of the Book and the TV Drama is, is that whatever your expectations of the book and the TV drama, after watching and reading ‘Normal People’ you will think something different, this is far from your typical romance novel and drama series. Although as always, please leave your initial expectations of the book and drama series before you started watching and reading below and then what you thought after watching and reading ‘Normal People’.

As always, lots of love in this troubled time



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