West End shows I would love to see!

Hi All,

As you probably all know by now, I am a massive theatre fan and I go along to London’s West End at every opportunity I can to go and watch a show. However, it has come to my attention that a lot of shows come and go on the West End and there’s some shows that I really want to go and see before they leave the West End.

Apart from my passion to go and see the shows on the West End, it’s time that I use to spend with Mum because it’s something that we both have in common and we’ve got similar tastes when it comes to deciding what we are going to go and see on the stage.

So below are some ideas of what I would like to see on the West End, although as usual if you have any recommendations, please leave them in the comments box below as I am open to going to see other West End shows as well.

  • Alladdin- This has absolutely got to be my first choice, as I love Disney and it’s one of the movies that I loved to watch as a child on VHS Tape as it was then! Plus I have seen some of the songs from this show performed on West End live and the energy in the songs and performances is infectious!
  • Lion King- This has got to be up there with Alladdin, again absolutely LOVED this movie as a child and would love to see this performed live on the West End, some of my friends have been before and they say that is it absolutely amazing, so I have got to go and see this as some point.
  • Everybody’s Talking About Jaimie- I would LOVE to see this live! I went to see it at my local cinema when it was streamed last year and the atmosphere within the cinema I thought was flat, because you could hear the audience from the West End and they were all clapping and chearing, looked around in the cinema and everyone was just sat there as though they were watching a movie! So I would love to experience the real atmosphere for this show in the West End.
  • Matilda- I would like to go and see this as well, because I’ve seen some mixed reviews about this and I used to thoroughly enjoy reading Roald Dahl growing up, so I would like to see how this translates on the West End stage. Really entrigued by this one in particular.

So there you have it! A brief round up of the shows that I would love to go and see on London’s West End.

One thing that I have learned through going to see shows is to never book a show with high energy when it is being streamed live in a cinema, because you never get the same atmosphere as you would do if you were there in London watching it. Please let me know your thoughts and feelings on this in the comments box below!

Love Always



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