Beating the stigma of Blogging

Hi All,

This weeks post is all about beating the stigma of Blogging and what people say about other people that blog and particularly when they are a student as well.

Some people are under the impression that people who blog aren’t working because they are just sat behind their computer just typing words on to a screen. They don’t take into account how many hours are spent laying out these different posts and formulating the ideas that are needed to create endless blog posts that people love to read weekly.

First even before you begin to formulate ideas for different blog posts, you have got to choose a platform that you feel could represent your blog the best and allow you do do what you want with your blog. For example, I chose WordPress and specifically the free version because I didn’t know if I would enjoy blogging as much as I do now, so WordPress has enabled me to get going with something that I love to do.

Then after you have chosen your platform and the theme that you want your blog to take on, next comes the difficult part of formulating different ideas, to make sure that you can post as regularly as possible in order to keep the audience numbers up week on week or however often you decide you want to post a blog. These ideas could be anything from different challenges that you have overcome to reviews of books or films that you have read and seen.

Also after you have written the post, you then have to decide what category to put the blog post in that you have just written and what tags you are going to use so that then people can find the blog post that you have just written, maybe using the keyword tag in a search bar on your website.

What a desk looks like with all those ideas.

Don’t forget to hit the publish button, after you have double checked your post for the odd spelling mistake of course.

Then comes the publicising of the blog post that you have just written, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, plus any other social media networks that you could use for promoting your blog.

Of course, then you just sit back and admire what you have written and so you should because it is something that you should feel proud of.

So there you have it, that is just an outline of what actually happens behind the scenes when you go on to write a blog post that your audience members read either weekly or monthly, depending on how often you choose to post on your blogging site.

Hopefully, if you aren’t someone who blogs you have got a rough idea or what actually goes on behind the scenes of creating a blog post for blog readers. Also if you are just starting out on your blogging journey, I wish you all the luck if you need any advice, leave a comment with your question and I will get back to you.

Love Always



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