Most Scariest Time of The Year

Hi All,

Happy Halloween!

Well here we are again, the festive times of the year seem to come around quicker each year and I personally love this time of the year!

My favourite ways to spend Halloween:

  • Carve a Pumpkin and place outside ready for the Trick or Treaters
  • Read Horror Stories
  • Watch Horror Movies

Even though I am in my twenties, I still love to get into the spirit of Halloween and do all the fun stuff that I still relate with Halloween, like carving a pumpkin and reading different horror stories leading up to Halloween and on the day itself.

Then there’s nothing better to do than to watch Horror Movies whilst waiting for the Trick or Treaters to arrive when it gets dark in their costumes, we mostly have friends who bring their children down to ours for Halloween because unfortunately, we don’t live in an area that gets a lot of people coming for sweets.

I hope you all have a scarily good time tonight, have fun and be safe!

Love Always



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