Favourite Season

Hi All,

I just wanted to talk to you all about my favourite season, I think everyone has a favourite season or has had a favourite season at one time or another and mine as you probably guessed is Autumn.

I love the way that all the leaves change colour after the summer and then they fall creating a fresh beginning for the new year. Autumn is also a time when the weather starts to get cooler and the air feels a lot fresher, especially in the early mornings.

Another thing that I love about Autumn is the warm jumpers, the scarves and the boots make an appearance, there’sΒ nothing better for me than getting wrapped up warm and taking a walk around a town where leaves crunch underfoot.

I also use autumn as an excuse for Hot Chocolate drinks with cream and marshmallows on, with or without a chocolate flake on the side of the drink, this has and will always remain my favourite drink in the Autumn\ Winter.

Looking at it, I probably like Autumn for all the reasons people probably don’t like Autumn, I also use the cooler weather as motivation for my studies from home as well, because there’s not so much of a pull to be outside in the Autumn as there is in the summer.

I also love sitting and watching films in the Autumn as well, maybe with a glass of wine in hand occasionally, mostly when I have finished studying or working in the evenings and I just want to chill and relax with Mum before the soaps come on at night.

Why don’t you let me know what your favourite season is below in the comments? I will read and reply to as many as I can.

Love Always




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