My Studies

Hey all,

I thought I would do something different today, in that I am going to take you through my different ways of how I study because it’s a little different for me as I study from home with the Open University.

I would say my first method is, to put some background noise on, whether it be my favourite TV series on or some music to make sure that this sets the atmosphere for me studying.

Then I make sure that I have got everything to hand especially the books that I require for the subject that I am studying as well, I don’t like to move from my seat once I am settled because then things distract me from what I should be doing.

I also make sure that I have a lavender oil burning in my diffuser so that it keeps me nice and calm, for if I get stuck on something, I find it lowers my stress levels and keeps me thinking about the things that I need to be focusing on for my degree.

In addition to all these, I make sure that I take a break at least once every hour, where I make myself a drink and maybe read a book for half an hour so that then I’m not thinking about my studies for that one half an hour of my time.

Don’t plan studies, I also don’t plan my studies, because when I plan my studies I can just feel myself getting unmotivated to study, so I pick my books up as and when I feel like it, with the occasional day set in when I do nothing but study. Those are often days when I am on my own the majority of the time.

I hope these methods have helped some of you to plan your study and make sure that you can keep on top of your studies using these tips. If you have any more tips, feel free to add them in the comments section below and I will be happy to read through them at some point.

Love Always



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  1. Great post 😁


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